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Since 1985 turning
dreams into reality

We build professionally train layouts and other models and special scenes in every scale. We work equally with private customers as much as companies that reach for extreme quality in construction, presentation and detail.

From the smallest of projects to the most ambitious ones, we capture and bring to life the dreams of all of our clients.
Over 30 years of experience brought us to develop professionally all related activities, such as the construction of layouts for private customers or for advertising and films, trains in big scales as static exhibit pieces, garden railroads and commercial installations, trains so big you can take a ride on them, hanging or pivoting tables to optimize room, buses, airplanes and much more!!!


We maintain the highest standard in quality, using every material at our disposal and combining them in new and creative ways. Also with the latest technologies and a big variety of techniques, we accomplish the results that exceed every expectation.

We prioritize maximum customer service, so that you can feel comfortable working with us from the beginning to the end of the project.

About Us

While we have a global vision of the industry, we remain a family business that emphasizes personalized service.

Respect, honesty and responsibility are the values on which we base our work criteria, both in the relationship with our clients and with our employees. This allows us to reach a very high level of trust between the parties to achieve incredible results.

Some of our proyect

Since November 2017 we are working with Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland, the world’s largest model railway, and awarded in 2019 with the Guinness World Record for the third time in a row.

Together we build in Buenos Aires Latin America section. Read more in our blog.

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The Family

Since 1985 Ricardo & Zulema worked exclusively on the construction of scale models. Today, their four children perform on different technical and creative areas, on which they developed since very young.

Ricardo Emilio Martinez

Ricardo Emilio Martinez

Founder & CEO

Zulema Martinez

Zulema Martinez

Master Chef

Ricardo Daniel Martinez

Ricardo Daniel Martinez

Technical Department

Gabriela Martinez

Gabriela Martinez

Coordinator & Public Relations

Peter Martinez

Peter Martinez

Art Director

Jorge Martinez

Jorge Martinez

Engineering Lab, COO & Public Relations

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